Round Belts

This is a Price Calculator for our Joined Round Belts. We offer both 3mm diameter and 6mm diameter round belts in polyurethane.
These belts run with our Round Belt Pulleys

32 DP Gear

Physical Properties

Belt Diameter: 3mm & 6mm
Shore Hardness: A 82 degrees
Tensile Strength at breaking point: 25 Kg (3mm) / 100Kg (6mm)
Elongation at breaking point: 450%
Melting Point: 225 deg. C.

Please enter the details below and click the button to calculate the belt price.

The Minimum Length is:
3mm belt- 100mm (Installed)
6mm belt- 200mm (Installed)
For both sizes the Maximum Length is 1200mm

Note: Belt length is the length of the belt material i.e. if you were to cut the belt and measure the length of the straight piece of material.

What diameter belt do you require? Please check one of the options below.
3mm       6mm

When entering the length of the belt you require, please confirm whether this is the “Installed Length” (stretched over the pulleys) or the “Uninstalled Length” (not stretched), by checking one of these two options below.
Installed     Uninstalled

Please enter the Length of belt required in mm:

(If you are entering the Installed Length, an appropriate adjustment will be made to give the correct Uninstalled Length for correct tension when installed.)