Application Examples

These devices, which have been made entirely from unmodified motionco and Meckit parts (apart from shortening of some shafts), are intended to illustrate ways in which the parts can potentially be used and combined in different sorts of product applications.

For anyone interested in making a similar device to any of those shown below, by clicking on the image, you can see more details, in most cases including a list of parts used. Please note that no assembly instructions or aids are available currently, and a degree of mechanical capability will be required to ensure that a satisfactory working device is achieved.

If any of the devices is required ready assembled, please email for a quotation and current estimate of delivery time. It may be possible to change the motor type and/or transmission ratios, to provide a particular speed of operation. However it is not viable for us to make significant changes to the overall design for individual orders.

If a different type of device is required, specifcations and dimensions of all our components are avilable on the website, to assist in the design process. While we may be able to give some broad advice on possible ways of achieving the functions required, it is generally not viable for us to carry out detailed design work and parts listing on a complimentary basis for individual projects.

Application Elements

Below are some simple design elements that can be used either on there own or as part of more complex assemblies.