Idler Pulley

The motionco Idler Pulley is designed for use as a back idler, on which the reverse (smooth) side of a timing belt may be run.

It may be used on a belt drive installation, singly or in pairs:-
1. to provide appropriate tension on the belt where adequate adjustment of either the drive or the driven timing pulley is not possible.
2. to route the belt so that there is adequate wrap-round (tooth engagement) on a timing pulley.

The idler is suitable for use with our MXL Timing Belts and 3M Timing Belts (in both closed loop or Open-Length forms), or any belt with a smooth backing up to a maximum width of 9mm


  • Aluminium body with integral side flanges to constrain belt side movement.
  • Twin roller bearings, one at each end of the bore, to provide stable location and minimal rotational resistance.
  • Robust M5 mounting bolt, onto which inner bearing races are clamped, to simplify installation into a belt drive arrangement. An M5 nut and washer are also included.
  • Idler Pulley
    Idler Pulley Drawing Side
    Idler Pulley Drawing Front
    Idler Pulley Drawing Model
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    Idler Pulley, 20mm dia, for belt widths up to 9mm
    Idler Pulley, 20mm dia, for belt widths up to 9mm ..
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