Bevel Gearbox

This unit has steel gears and shafts running in ballraces and sintered bronze bearings, 1 ball race and sintered bearing per shaft. The former act also as thrust races - protecting the bevel gears from external pressures of varying loads. The housing mouldings are 30% glass filled nylon for strength and have four pre-drilled mounting holes. Key flats are provided on both shafts. The unit is lubricated for life.

Bevel Gearbox


Material: Case: 30% glass filled nylon
Gear: Mild steel: 230MO7
Ratio: 1:1
Weight: 42g
Backlash: 1 deg approx
Max input speed: 5000 r.p.m.
Rated tolerance torque: 7.5 Kg-cm
Max momentary
tolerance torque:
22.5 Kg-cm


Bevel Gearbox Drawing top
Bevel Gearbox Drawing top

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Bevel Gearbox, 1:1 ratio, steel gears
Bevel Gearbox, 1:1 ratio, steel gears ..
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