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With the mainly plastic drive components in our range, we can offer an adhesive suitable for bonding onto Shafts in a way that gives adequate torque transmission.

Generally this will not be necessary for the Sprockets and Gears, where there tends to be a sufficiently robust interference fit condition to meet most applications.

For the pulleys, an interference fit will not generally suffice, and while a mechanical fixing is sometimes possible (such as drill & pin, or drill & tap for a setscrew), this is not always an acceptable or convenient option for the user. In such circumstances, adhesive bonding can be a more suitable method.

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Adhesive Fixing Kit
The motionco Adhesive Fixing Kit consists of:- 1. 1:1R Adhesive. This is a 2-part, low-odour..
Stock: 1 pc
£7.57 /each
Excl. VAT: £6.31
Adhesive Fixing Pack Spares Spare nozzles and wipes for fixing pack. Each pack cont..
Stock: 1 pc
£3.72 /each
Excl. VAT: £3.10