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Mechanical drive components from stock
We offer a range of small light power transmission components, available from stock, together with the matching parts needed to assemble them into a complete drive system.

Motor Controller

NEW:   Power and Control
Mains Power Supply Units and Batteries now available in a range of voltages. These units connect to our Motor Controller for simple motion control using our range of Planetary and Worm Gear Motors. More info

Miniature Coupling

NEW:   Miniature Couplings
Aluminium Jaw Couplings for joining different diameter or misaligned shafts. Available from stock in a range of bore combinations. More info

Plastic Spur Gears

NEW:   Spur Gears with Brass Inserts
Moulded, plastic spur gears with brass inserts and set-screws that are corrosion resistant, hard wearing and efficient. We also offer Spur Gears, Bevel Gears, Racks and Worms and Wheels.

Gear Motors

Worm Gear Motors
We now offer a range of permanent magnet Gearmotors with Worm Gearboxes to go with our Planetary and Spur type Gearboxes. With output speeds down to nearly 1rpm and output torques up to almost 1 Nm these compact (sizes from 6mm diameter) motors can be used in a variety of applications. More info

Pillow Blocks

Pillow Blocks
Aluminium Pillow Blocks, with ball bearings, enable shafts to be positioned and retained without the need to accurately bore housings for the bearings in the main structure of the machine/assembly. More info

Open Length Timing Belting and Belt Clamps

Open Length Belting and Belt Clamps
Open Length Neoprene Timing Belt in MXL and 3mm HTD tooth forms, and matching Aluminium Belt Clamps. More info

Idler Pulley

Idler Pulleys
designed for use as a back idler, on which the reverse (smooth) side of a timing belt may be run. It may be used on a belt drive installation, singly or in pairs:-
1. to provide appropriate tension on the belt where adequate adjustment of either the drive or the driven timing pulley is not possible.
2. to route the belt so that there is adequate wrap-round (tooth engagement) on a timing pulley. More info

Brass Spur Gears

Grooved Pulleys
Manufactured in aluminium with grub screw fixings these pulleys are now available to suit our 3mm and 6mm diameter Round Belts. These pulleys can be used where a synchronous drive isn't required. More info

Flexible Rack

Flexible Plastic Rack
Flexible rack in 0.8 mod pitch in lengths from 250mm to 2 metres. This rack can provide an easy to install rotational drive of up to approx 270 degrees for example on camera focus rings - we offer a fixing clip for this purpose. Compatible with our 0.8 Mod Spur Gears, it is also an economical solution where a large gear or a longer stretch of linear motion is required. More info

Pulleys and Belts

Pulleys and Belts
Synchronous toothed belt and pulley drives with positive tooth engagement give reduced bearing loads and allow higher acceleration and torque transmission. Available in MXL (2.03mm) and 3M (3mm) tooth pitches. More info

Joined Round Belts

Joined Round Belts
Polyurethane round belt supplied joined to your required length. Available in 3mm and 6mm diameters, these belts run with our Round Belt Pulleys; just follow the link to input your belt details. More info

Plain Polymer Bearings

A range of plain polymer and miniature ball bearings to suit our pulleys, gears, sprockets and shafts. More info

Stainless steel Shafts

A selection of hard-wearing stainless steel shafts sized to provide an accurate fit with our pulleys, gears, sprockets, bearings and collars. More info

Steel Collars with Grub Screw

A simple solution to locating drive components. Durable zinc-plated steel collars with set-screw fixing, in sizes to suit our range of shafts. More info