Adhesive Fixing Kit

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The motionco Adhesive Fixing Kit consists of:-

1. 1:1R Adhesive. This is a 2-part, low-odour, non-flammable, toughened acrylic adhesive, which will bond metals, plastics, wood, glass and composites to themselves or in any combination.

We supply it in a 12ml cartridge, from which the two chemical parts are simultaneously dispensed so that they combine externally bead on bead when dripped onto one of the components to be bonded, from which point curing will commence. So the components must be assembled together immediately after application of the adhesive to one of them.

2. Mixing/Dispensing Nozzles. In each kit we supply 2 mixing/dispensing nozzles which can optionally be used with the adhesive cartridge, if the configuration of the components requires a more finely directed application.

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